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Hello and welcome to Mema’s Kitchen!

My name is Trish and I originally started this blog as a way to share recipes found in my grandparent’s house with family members scattered across the U.S.  It started in May of 2011 when I helped my mom clean out my grandparent’s house.  Mema had a stroke and had to move into an assisted-living facility.  Papa had passed away a few years before that.  So their house was sitting vacant with 50+ years of stuff shoved into every nook and cranny of the house and it had to be sold.  As we went through every drawer, every closet, every piece of furniture, we ended up with a substantial pile of handwritten recipes and newspaper clippings that Mema used over the years.  There were some recipes we had never heard of (avacado mold, for instance) and there were those that brought back fond memories of eating in Mema and Papa’s kitchen.  Memories of cucumbers soaking in vinegar on the table; bright red tomato slices, still warm from being in the garden; and my favorite – Papa’s cornbread – his own recipe, perfected throughout the years.

So this is my way of once more sitting down at Mema and Papa’s table – preparing the same dishes they made throughout the years.  I hope you find something you like at this table just as I did years ago!


A little bit of trivia:

  • Papa had a beautiful garden in their backyard that he lovingly tended to every year.  This garden produced the most delicious organic produce I have ever eaten.  Ever.
  • Mema and Papa built their house in the mid-1950′s.  This meant that we had almost 60 years of stuff to sort through, donate, sell, and pass on to family members before listing the house.  We did this in less than 1 week.  Many hours during this week were spent sitting on the kitchen floor crying.
  • I found a newspaper clipping with squirrel recipes.  I won’t be making these!
  • I also found a coupon for 7 cents off salad dressing.  Amazing to think that years ago, 7 cents off salad dressing was a deal.
  • One last thing, we found Mema and Papa’s receipt for their first month’s rent that they paid after getting married.  It was about $50.

4 thoughts on “More about mema’s kitchen

  1. It’s wonderful to give tribute/importance to your grandparents 🙂 As I was reading your about, you call your grandparents Mema and Papa, my kids call my parents Ima and Papa…it’s so sweet.

    • I love the legacy parents and grandparents leave with us. I have so many wonderful memories of my grandparents and I love watching my boys with my parents and Ted’s parents!

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