One more thought for the week {or maybe two thoughts?}

No recipes today.  It was a busy day with other things preoccupying my time.  But I have two things I thought I’d share.  Nothing spectacular!  Just two things on my mind.


Little bits of joy can be found in the unlikeliest if places.  Just look around and you’ll find things to smile and laugh about.  And smiling and laughing are good things!

Mema’s smile can light up a room and make you see joy wherever you are.  Papa’s smile could too.  I miss Papa’s smiles and laughter and I will miss Mema’s when she is gone.

I saw this sign on an old coca-cola machine at the mechanics (where I got the eggs for the Chocolate Pie.  Yum!)  They would have both found this sign quite amusing.  They would have laughed!

sign at the mechanics


The kitchen isn’t just for cooking.  Many happy hours were spent in Mema and Papa’s kitchen.  It wasn’t just a place to cook and eat.  It was a gathering place.  The center of their home complete with a wood stove and rocking chairs.

I was able to bring home one of the rocking chairs from their kitchen when we moved everything out.  I hope to have a large open kitchen one day.  A place to gather.  And then that rocking chair will be in my kitchen.  One day!

Until then, we’ll settle for dressing up as pirates while waiting for the scones to bake.

fun in the kitchen

Happy Weekend everyone!  And remember to laugh, smile, and play!


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