Even my youngest loves these! {wheat germ muffins}

I was supposed to bake bread today but I made these little darlings instead.  I got distracted.  It’s easy for me to get distracted when going through recipes.  I was trying to find a good bread recipe but when I saw this one all notion of baking bread went out the window and was completely forgotten.  You understand, right!?

wheat germ muffinsThese certainly are delicious though!  I’m always on the lookout for a new healthy breakfast choice for the boys.  They are not fans of eggs (much to my dismay) and their breakfast usually consists of fruit with cereal, waffles, or pancakes.  Unfortunately, these muffins do not make good sandwich bread so now I need to bake a loaf of bread tomorrow.

eggs and wheat germAs I was mixing these I was thinking of ways to get my boys to try them.  Maybe frost them and tell them they are cupcakes?  Put sprinkles on top?  I just wasn’t sure if they would go for a super healthy muffin.  They are usually healthy eaters but if a muffin doesn’t have chocolate chips or blueberries in it they will politely decline and find something else to eat. But my worry was once again unfounded.  My youngest ate two for his morning snack.  Of course, he covered them in a mixture of grape and strawberry jam.

mixing ingredients togetherwheat germ muffin batterThey really are easy to mix up and quick to make.  I wonder if I could possibly add raisins or another fruit sometime?  Something else for me to try!

ready to go in the ovenSo after quickly mixing the ingredients, filling my new parchment muffin cups with batter, and baking for 15 minutes I had a batch of twelve healthy muffins that were ready to try out.  Of course, I had to try them directly out of the oven!  Oh so good!  I also found they are great with honey, strawberry all-fruit spread, and honey greek yogurt (I just made this by mixing plain greek yogurt with some local honey).  I think the honey yogurt wins.  Can you think of something else to top these with?

wheat germ muffins with honey greek yogurt

wheat germ muffins with homemade honey greek yogurt

Well, I didn’t get a loaf of bread made but I found a new recipe I plan on making quite often.  I guess bread is my top agenda tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t find another recipe to distract me!

Wheat Germ Muffins (yields 12 muffins)

1 egg

1 c. milk

1 c. wheat germ

4 T. brown sugar or honey

4 tsp. baking powder

1 c. whole wheat flour

3/4 tsp. salt

2 T. oil

Beat the egg and add the milk.  Stir in wheat germ and let stand for 1 minute.  Sift in dry ingredients and mix well.  Add oil and stir.  Fill muffin cups about 2/3 full.  Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.



5 thoughts on “Even my youngest loves these! {wheat germ muffins}

    • They are delicious! My grandfather loved wheat germ and always had a jar in the fridge. I’m sure these muffins were probably a favorite of his 🙂

      • 🙂 Once I was taking a break at work and something was on the TV about wheat germ… they were calling it “forgotten” and saying how great it is. (Side note: I don’t enjoy the fact that people have to turn on a TV during everything they do in life… really??)
        Anyway –
        I was like, “Forgotten?? I use it all the time!!!” 🙂

      • I love to use wheat germ! Hopefully it will make a comeback 🙂
        And I totally agree about TV! I try to keep it off as much as possible.

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