I was out of eggs and needed a dessert {vinegar cookies}

I’m going to do something a little different today.  I did not find this recipe in Mema’s house – it is actually from the Hot Springs Baptist Church cookbook (from 1999).  Mema and Papa were founding members of Hot Springs Baptist Church and Mema has many recipes in this cookbook.  This is one of those cookbooks I go to quite often when I want to make a simple yet tasty dish!

vinegar cookies

And today was one of those days.  My mom and stepdad came over for dinner tonight and of course I had to make dessert, right!?  You can’t have guests over for dinner and not have a homemade delicious dessert!  But I was out of eggs and had cantaloupe pickling on the stove so I couldn’t leave.  I looked through a few cookbooks with no luck.  So I went to my old standby and started looking through the dessert section.  Then I saw it – Vinegar Cookies.  You can make cookies with vinegar!?  I have never heard of these.  And since I have been on a pickling spree lately I want to try anything with vinegar.  I looked through the small list of ingredients… no eggs!  It was meant to be.  I was going to use vinegar one more time today… this time in cookies!

vinegar cookies

I had to go into this with an open mind though.  I haven’t had much luck with cookies in the past.  They always flatten on me and get extra thin and crispy.  I like thin and crispy crust on pizza.  I do not like thin and crispy cookies.  But these didn’t get thin or crispy.  They are the perfect texture.  And no… they do not taste like vinegar!  They do have pecans in them and I’m wondering if I could possibly substitute the nuts for chocolate chips???  I’m going to try that soon.  It may not work but at least I will know.

vinegar cookies

vinegar cookies

So I halved the recipe (I didn’t have enough margarine to make a whole batch) which made 28 cookies.  I think we might have 7 left which I had to hide away so we could have some for tomorrow.  I will definitely use this recipe again!

Vinegar Cookies

{from Taste & See that the Lord is Good, A Collection of Recipes from Hot Springs Baptist Church, submitted by Kathy White}

3 sticks margarine, softened

2 scant c. sugar

2 tsp. baking soda

2 tsp. vanilla

2 tsp. vinegar

3 c. flour

2 c. nuts (pecans)

Mix together margarine, sugar, baking soda, vanilla, & vinegar.  Add flour and nuts (I had to use my hands to mix this together as the dough is thick).  Refrigerate for 1 hour.  Form into walnut-size balls.  Bake on cookie sheets (I lined mine with parchment paper) at 300 degrees for 18 minutes.


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